In today’s modern society, many young adults stick to the path of school in hopes of finding success. It is seen as “normal” for a student to attend college and get their degree. In the eyes of many, this is the routine way to achieve success. However, in today’s e-commerce era, some of the best success stories are told by college dropouts. Making money online has become more common and has given birth to the entrepreneur.

While many young adults still attend college and earn a degree, some see a future in a different light. One of those individuals was Bryce Cleveland, the now CEO of a fast-growing beauty and aesthetics company called SCALPA. Despite being told in school that if he didn’t apply himself, he would be nothing, Cleveland overcame his severe ADHD and found his purpose in helping people find theirs.

Cleveland, a pioneer in the online training beauty industry, breaks down the barriers for people who want to enter the beauty service industry. He has paired custom products with an extraordinary online training experience like never before seen in the industry. “I want people to succeed fast,” he says. “Stop taking so much time trying to figure out how to do it and instead connect with those who do and learn quickly.”

Cleveland has taken this structure to the top, making millions in the industry while leading artists straight to success. “It’s a clear blueprint to success,” he says. “If you can get out of your own way and follow our lead, you can tap into a recession-proof industry where you make your own rules and crush the game.”

With a global reach in 55 countries, Cleveland has changed the lives of over 100,000 individuals throughout the industry. “I’m tired of watching people get played by the college system, not fulfilling their real purpose and reaching their true fulfillment doing something they love.”

He’s become not only a marketing powerhouse but an original inventor and creator of innovative products to offer to his online students. Cleveland says that the question always remains the same, “How do we serve our students, keep them progressing, and lead the way to absolute success?”

You find more info about Bryce Cleveland on his social media: @brycegcleveland

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