It’s a widespread conception that in order to be successful, you have to graduate from high school, go on to college, and graduate with a good degree. Many people overlook different roads of success that are less traveled; however, more and more it seems that people find their own ways to create success and avoid the set-in-stone paths set by prior generations. SCALPA CEO Bryce Cleveland has become a poster child for success without traditional schooling.

Bryce has created for himself the largest product and online learning program for beauty entrepreneurs in the world. He has become a powerful, high-functioning entrepreneur in his industry, and has helped many people also taste success through his company’s online training programs and product support. But it didn’t come easy for Bryce, and he started with a humble beginning.

At the age of 16, Bryce Cleveland dropped out of his Rochester, NY high school. Afflicted with severe ADHD, Bryce’s teachers told him he didn’t apply himself, and that he would be nothing. Despite this, Bryce looked at his ADHD “handicap” as a blessing in disguise. He used his ability to think outside of the box to “see what others didn’t see, [and] to carry out projects and manage people like others couldn’t.” He goes on to say that “Instead of making [ADHD] a crutch, I made it my key to success.”

While Bryce began to grow companies and gain quick success, others were still going through the college system. He was able to rise above the small expectations that people in his past had set for him. Bryce Cleveland and his company Scalpa are now huge in the beauty and aesthetics industry. He provides top-quality products and services as well as training on how to perform beauty procedures.

Through the Scalpa training programs, Bryce has been able to create a successful community of beauty entrepreneurs and his Scalpa team. “Our community of entrepreneurs can keep following our next program for another opportunity to add another service to make money and more importantly make a difference in someone’s life.” Scalpa continues to evolve and continue pioneering the industry every day.

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