Globally, gender equality is a major issue that is being fought for daily. It is still a fact that women have fewer opportunities for economic involvement, political representation, education, and even more. This entrepreneur saw purpose in creating a business that focuses on empowering women by helping them pave the path for success. 

Bryce Cleveland, founder, and CEO of Scalpa has created an entire community, mostly consisting of women, to help give them the opportunity to become their own boss. Scalpa is the leading online company in the aesthetic industry, specializing in online training courses and high-quality supplies. 

The aesthetic industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, currently marked at about 50-billion dollars. The benefits of working within this industry are that it is ever-growing with new procedures being introduced and people always seeking ways to boost their confidence. “As technology advances, the aesthetic industry continues to grow,” says Bryce Cleveland. “I am always looking for new and improved techniques to train my students in to advance their services and expand their businesses.” 

Bryce Cleveland carefully designed his platform to be practical with a realistic opportunity for individuals looking to start or build their careers within the industry. He decided to offer the education online because it can be taken from anywhere in the world, making it easily accessible to almost everyone. Outside of accessibility, Bryce Cleveland also wanted to ensure it was affordable. He did this by pricing the upfront cost of the training course and kit so each student could make their money back in just 2-3 procedures. 

These aspects alone have driven many women around the world to Scalpa to start their own aesthetic careers, but Bryce Cleveland didn’t stop there. He expresses that his goal is not to provide education and a starting point for women, but that his goal is to help them every step of the way with a complete path. 

Bryce Cleveland emphasizes that most colleges and institutions only provide the first step in any career path through education and often don’t provide the essential tools to get started and get that first client in the door. One thing that sets Scalpa apart from other educational institutions is their impressive ongoing support. “Whether you are just starting out or are already a certified professional, Scalpa will always be here to help you continue growing,” says Bryce Cleveland. 

Some of the other “success tools” he offers include community outlet groups to connect with one another, marketing assets, social media growth, and engagement groups to grow your following, additional ways to increase income, and weekly conference calls with Cleveland himself, his team, and other students.

Bryce Cleveland is a thriving entrepreneur looking to share his knowledge and assets with women to help them build their own successful businesses. “I didn’t start Scalpa to train others and send them on their way,” he says. “I wanted to create a trade system where I help women continuously learn, grow, and ultimately succeed.” To date, Scalpa has been able to help thousands of women around the world become their own boss and build a successful career out of it.

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