In the past few years, the global beauty market has become a multibillion industry, proving its ability to achieve stable economic growth as well as its capacity for resilience. Making waves in this global industry is Irina Gurbanova, a young entrepreneur who is extremely passionate about beauty, fashion, and style. 

Irina Gurbanova has harnessed her skills to develop in this area. She took developmental steps by studying the rudiments and essentials skills with Scalpa. 

Scalpa is a platform that provides proper training and materials to successfully perform beauty services. The program helps anyone who looks to grow professionally by giving trainings, teachings, quality products, community outlets, marketing assets, and proper support to help participants become the best beauty entrepreneur that meets their aspirations. 

Growing Her Beauty Skills

For Irina Gurbanova, passion precedes any endeavor she ventures into. She was always passionate about getting better and growing her beauty skills because she knows that she has the required abilities to develop. Therefore, she put in the work to acquire the best training and experience to move forward.

“In college, I majored in marketing but also worked as a permanent makeup artist. I knew I had artist abilities, so I took on training like microblade and laser removal,” Irina says.

She decided to perfect these skills with Scalpa and took several related courses and training to that effect. Irina realized that this training will be beneficial to her development as a makeup artist, so she did not hesitate to undergo the teachings.

“Scalpa has allowed me to perfect my skills and become the master I intend to be. Now, I have mastered my skills in Micropigmentation and refined other skills that will help me become a permanent makeup artist,” She says.

Irina further adds:

“Scalpa allowed me to view and do continued learning millions of miles away from the US, and stay updated with new technologies and techniques that have developed in our ever-changing world”.

Achieving Her Goals With Scalpa

Irina Gurbanova set the goal of becoming a well-refined makeup artist before commencing with the training on Scalpa, and upon the completion of the course, she believes that her targets have been met. 

“I wanted advancement, vibrancy, revitalization, beauty, growth, and an all-around rebirth with my skills, that was why I decided to learn from Scalpa. Upon completing the course, I know that these targets have been met. With this, I would recommend Scalpa to anyone who looks to develop like me, because I believe their products and techniques are vital to enhancing our outward appearances,” She says.

Future Goals

Having refined her skills, Irina will look to become the budding beauty entrepreneur that she has always dreamed of. Her next step will be to create beauty with her skills and impact others with her acquired knowledge.

“I look to start my own business. I have always wanted to do something that I could truly enjoy day after day. I will work with my hands to create beauty and to enhance others,” Irina says.

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