Permanent makeup has been the craze from microblading natural hair strokes into the brows to bold winged eyeliner that doesn’t smudge. Another procedure that is gaining attraction amongst those wanting luscious full lips is the procedure known as lip blushing, or permanent makeup lips. 

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that essentially tattoos pigment into the lips to create a lasting tint, help provide more fullness, and even correct uneven shape. There is usually a variety of pigment shades to choose from and an artist will help choose one based on skin color and undertone. Unlike tattooing, the pigments used are much softer and create more of a “powdery” look that is much more subtle than the previous form of using tattoo ink. 

This procedure typically runs between $500-$1,500 but clients are willing to pay as it is hassle free beauty that lasts. The results after a lip blushing procedure resemble a lip tint or lip stain but the client doesn’t have to ever worry about it smudging, getting wet, or wearing off throughout the day. 

If you are already a PMU artist or within the aesthetic industry, the procedure is quite simple to pick up and begin offering. The process is similar to that of a tattoo or other PMU procedure in which the client is numbed and a machine composed of tiny needles deposits the pigment beneath the skin’s surface. 

One company is even offering training to learn permanent makeup lip blushing completely free. Scalpa is the world’s leading company for online training and supplies within the aesthetic industry. Starting with scalp micropigmentation and moving into all areas of permanent makeup, Scalpa has done years of research to find the best techniques and supplies needed to properly train their students for them to begin offering their new services. 

Starting with Scalpa’s lip pigment line, they offer 14 different shades. Their first collection is composed of more natural pigments while the second offers bright, bold shades for that extra pop of color. Diving into their training course, you can sign up and start learning today for no costs or obligations. 

The course is packed with complete information such as health and safety, consultation, step by step process, live procedural videos, and practice modules. Whether you are just getting started in permanent makeup or have been doing it for years, this course will teach you start to finish how to properly perform permanent makeup lip blushing. 

Alongside permanent makeup lip blushing, Scalpa also offers other free training in microblading and ombre brows as well as over 50 other courses and a large variety of high-quality supplies. With the industry continually growing, Scalpa wants to provide individuals around the world with an opportunity for success. 

Permanent makeup lip blushing is an amazing service to offer as the margins for the procedure are high and the service is being sought after all around the world.

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