It’s an impressive feat to start and run a business. Even more impressive is figuring out how to run a business unlike any other, and become one of the most successful businesses in the target industry. Bryce Cleveland has done just that.

Dropping out of high school at the young age of 16, Bryce decided he would find success his own way. He began building businesses and assembled a team of talented individuals to help push him further forward. After pioneering different aesthetic treatments and procedures, Bryce would go on to found Scalpa: an online beauty and aesthetic product store and education center.

What makes Scalpa so special is the focus around education. Bryce and his team provide online courses revolving around different aesthetic procedures for a fraction of the cost of traditional education. Scalpa then provides entrepreneurs with the products they need to perform their own procedures. It’s a business model unlike any we’ve seen in the industry, and Scalpa has since grown to become the biggest beauty product and online learning business in the world.

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