What advice would you give a new entrepreneur to just go and take a risk in business.

I would tell them to MEET ME AT THE EDGE. I made a pact with myself never to let go of discovering what I am choosing to become. Once you open that door and walk thru it there’s no going back, everything shifts. Every thing gifts you with a response of “thank you!” The moment-to-moment challenge is that it’s always changing. So as you define who you’re becoming in the new moment, you’re also releasing what you just were. It’s a consistent state of defining and deciding what you’re being. That’s the journey. That’s the way to loving yourself and owning your power. At this point on my path, I can’t look back. I’m only forging ahead.

What about how nervous it could be as an entrepreneur to take that lead?

Relax in-to you. Decide to define every feeling you wish to be in the experience of, and you’ll be free. Security, happiness, ease all come from here. Re-establish the container by which you fill yourself up with. Money and joy just ain’t going to go where it can’t flow. Be deliberate and intentional with the CONCEPT ‘you hold’ of yourself and you shall set yourself free to embody all you desire. Once you relax into yourself, you have access to your potency, and can define what you’re becoming, which reflects itself as how the world sees you, and in turn, what you receive from the world receiving you. Decide to show up as the reflection of beauty that you are.

How does someone deal with the ups and downs in life while creating their business?

You cannot ever accept anything less than what you are. You can alter how you’re being by intentionally choosing how you’re feeling. This chain of events literally redirects the outcomes in your favor… if you are choosing what you want, and believe in what you’re wanting,it will come to you if you can sustain that feel-good state, and rest in the ease of knowing what you want is certain. This is the equation for receiving everything you dream up.

So what are good ways to boost confidence in yourself?

Repeat this to yourself, “I am perfect for me. I am living in accordance with my desires and dreams. What I focus on is expanding, and I can see what I want unfold under my feet. I’m on path to where I want to be. This reveal’ation feels good. What I want is flowing to me.” What you “get” from life won’t feel good nor will it make you “happy” until you do this first.

1) Get clear on what you want,

2) Focus on the feeling of it, as if you’re there,

3) Only let in what is a pure and let all else go.

This is the way to manifest in real-time what you want, so it comes to you without effort. You act in accordance to your wish-fulfilled. It will all unfold on your path once you’re a receiver of it. You’ll create the life experience of your dreams once you believe the dream is happening as a result of your intention to make it so.

So confidence you parallel with manifesting, tell me more how this works in your life.

If it’s “in alignment” with your truth, you will get a gut-reaction ‘YES’ and sometimes a ‘sure, let’s see what happens!’ If it’s not, you’ll get a, ‘eh’ or a ‘hmm’.

Is it hard to work hard in business and love at the same time?

A clear INTENTION makes a man desirable. WILLINGNESS to receive makes a women receptive. Union makes the connection deep and freeing. A sustained partnership requires both to be present. This congruency builds and sustains trust. It’s what allows for the experience to grow into a magnetic new-expansion of pure honesty and respect verses an expectation to force things, which develops into resentment. Your partnerships will never lose their luster nor you lose yourself in it if you maintain your ease within the flow of flux.

What are some last thoughts you can give advice for business and how to get what you want.

“It’s on its way to me. I can feel it coming. I feel its fullness already. And I’m ready for it.” In order to receive ‘that thing’ you say you want, you’ve got to ‘put yourself’ in the equivalent of it. Meaning, where you’re prepared to receive it. It comes to you without efforting to ‘make it happen’ because you’ve lined yourself up with it vibrationally.

YOU must love being IN yourself so deeply… being so in touch with your truth, where only the way you love being is how you show up to life. Then, the only result and outcome is that everyone and everything will feel that way about you, too.

CEO of Scapla




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