I hear you talk about becoming what you want to be in life and success. How does a person become that?

You’re not to pretend to be what you’re not. You’re to tune into what makes you feel good. From feeling good within yourself, you align with your power and potency. From there, you’ll be guided to the path of least resistance. That thing that leads you directly to what you wish to experience. But you can’t get to your wish-fulfilled if you’ve not done the “preparing” of feeling what it “would” feel like in the having-state of it. You tune into what feels good. And from that place, which is a you will attune to more and more. What’s new is now. What’s now is how you’re feeling in it. Decide to ALIGN with what feels good now. Simply align to what feels good inside of you and operate from THAT space.

So how does one become in alignment?

Well I think it starts with having a lot of curiosity. What if the way you interpret what’s happening isn’t based on what already happened, but on the new moment that hasn’t ever happened until this very instant. Could you approach every new moment with a sense of awe instead of meh? Witness the unfolding without making up a story about its meaning prior to its happening. See it as it unfolds.

Have had this insight all your life or has it started from making a lot of mistakes?

We’re taught to “grow up,” but in reality we must GROW IN. Grow into our self based on how we want to show up. Grow into our ideals, values and dreams. Imagine the shell of a hermit crab… the crab grows and simply finds a new shell once it outgrows the old. The shell doesn’t change, but the crab does. The universe miraculously reveals a new shell for it to call home temporarily, as it keeps growing into itself (not the shell). The crab goes on growing regardless of the shell nearby. So grow into you.

Are there any mantras you could share for people who want to really become successful?

What I want is here.

What I want is clear.

What I want is new.

What I want is true.

What I want is happening to me.

What I want is gravitating to me.

What I want is making its way to me right now.

Can you get clear on what you want? Can you allow the things you want in by being a direct match to them?

Repeat after me

“I so appreciate my life and welcome surprises on my path to lead what I’m calling for directly to me.”

Don’t work for it. Don’t wait for it. Simply believe in it. What you want is here. All you’ve got to do is let it in ‘from’ here.

Now, get crystal clear. What do you want? What does it look like to live a day in the life of your ideal manifested reality? Describe the sounds, smells, mood, temperature, describe in detail what “it” feels like and step into that reservoir. That’s how it comes to you right away!

I think people overthink how they are going to be successful. These are the most important 5 words you can say to yourself when you want to create inner peace… “I don’t need to know.”

Yes, also there seems to be a story people playing in their head that may be wrong and holds them back. What do you say to someone who is dealing with this.

If you want your life to embody more of something new, tell a different story. You’ve got to script-out a new narrative. Imagine this, you’re fully embracing your superpowers and your intentions are fully expressed. You’re generating revenue from your passion-fueled business with consistency and ease and the “ideal life” you’ve envisioned for yourself is the one you’re living, right now.

You know entering into change means giving up something you’ve got. But what if this change doesn’t have to be a “less than” situation.

So many entrepreneurs feel this way. Are you too wanting to live life now with a DEEPER sense of purpose and fulfillment. Where you aren’t “praying” for things to happen to you, but you’re calling-in manifestations because you’re ready!

Most people have been limiting their potentials because they’re LOCKED IN to their current situations. Many people have received a “wake up call” after being called “expendable” or “non essential” by their jobs or business. What a slap-in-the-face… to be shut down after years of building-up your entire life.

This is where that storyline can end, and your new narrative begins. A narrative so powerful and so vivid, that you can’t help but fulfill it, because it is fulfilling you.

My goal is to empower people in their life. Like anchoring into the dreams of your soul, we must visualize your vision in order to materialize them, but first let’s decide to connect. Know that ‘what’ you want is already here. It’s simply a matter of aligning with it for it to be realized from within you out into reality.

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