With the improvement in technology and resources, more cosmetic artists have been able to provide numerous treatments that has helped many improve their looks and lives. And no one takes their job more seriously than Carlyn Phillips, whose sole mission is to help all her clients feel more beautiful and confident,

Carlyn Phillips started as a freelance make-up artist with experience in fashion and entertainment. While on a quest to improve her skills and help other women feel more beautiful and confident about themselves, she ventured into a recent and popular trend PMU (Permanent Makeup).

Carlyn Phillips journey started when she came upon an Instagram post by Bryce Cleveland regarding the Scalpa brand and their training products. This was the very first time she was getting introduced to Scalpa. The Instagram post piqued her interest so much that she decided to look further into Scalpa.

After doing a deep dive into Scalpa and checking out the various training and courses that were offered, she was able to take her favorite courses which included the Microblading Trainer’s Training. Eyeliner and Henna Brows. According to her, “I really love their pigment lines for eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips.”

With Scalpa she was able to advance her aesthetic career with the variety of training offerings. In her words, “the entire process was super convenient for me and with it, I was able to earn four additional certifications in PMU within two years of starting my business.”

When asked about the Scalpa educators and customer service, “I never had any issues with either. Both Scalpa educators and customer service have been timely and responsive to all of my questions and concerns” she says. Carlyn Phillips has been able to kickstart her journey by following the training of Scalpa. “I decided to choose Scalpa because I liked their approach of inviting me, it was very welcoming. I really feel like Scalpa is vested in my career future.”

When asked if she’ll recommend Scalpa to others, she said, “I would recommend Scalpa to others! Scalpa has truly been there for me while building my career and business. Even when things were not going well. Just last year I had a health issue that sidelined my business and I was no longer able to perform services. Unfortunately, it’s an autoimmune disorder with no certainty of recovery, so I had to pivot my business. I had to go from providing services in a salon to online. Scalpa provided a way for me to do that and the timing was perfect. I was able to add Trainer’s Training certification and Henna Brows certification so this allows me to continue a career in the PMU industry.”

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