In today’s society, we are accustomed to the belief that customers are always right. Although ensuring your customer’s satisfaction is good for business, there are instances where you must draw the line.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs are often scared to stand up for their brand and what they believe in because they fear losing a customer or client. Even worse, entrepreneurs trust their customers’ reviews so much that they completely change the brand they are trying to build.

According to Bryce Cleveland, Scalpa’s CEO, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons of every customer’s suggestions and reflect on how they affect your brand.

“For instance, when I was working on Scalpa’s numbing cream, I had a customer who wanted me to make it stronger. I knew that making it too strong would mean applying more than the required ingredients for the product, which would harm the skin in the long run. I politely refused this suggestion because I am an expert in my field, and I knew this would not be in the best interest of my customers,” Bryce Cleveland shares.

Reasons Why Customers Are Not Always Right

It is good that your customers provide the necessary reviews to improve your brand. However, here is why Bryce Cleveland thinks customers are not always right:

Some Customers Are Not Good For Business

“I had a customer who was never happy with what I did. No matter how much I tried to please her, she always found something to complain about. She would also compare my work with other artists, which made me feel like my work was not good enough.”

In this case, Bryce Cleveland is referring to a toxic customer who is not good for business. This customer is never satisfied and is always looking to find faults in your work. This type of customer will only bring negativity and will never be happy with your work, no matter how hard you try.

It Is Important To Believe In Your Brand

Your clients don’t know your brand more than you do, which is why it is important to trust your instincts and have courage in the decisions you make for your brand. The feedback you get should only be suggestions for improvement, not a determinant of whether you should change your brand or not.

Abrasive Customers Get an Unfair Advantage

Another reason Bryce Cleveland thinks customers are not always right because they get an unfair advantage.

“When customers pay for a service, they expect to be treated like royalty. However, they will threaten to leave or write a bad review when things don’t go their way.”

In this case, the customer is using their power as a paying customer to get what they want. This is unfair because the customer is not always right, and the business owner should not have to give in to their demands.

Entrepreneurs Become Unhappy

“If you’re an entrepreneur constantly changing your brand to please your customers, you will become unhappy. You will no longer be passionate about your work, and you will start to resent your business,” Bryce Cleveland says.

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of changing their brand to please their customers. However, this will only make you unhappy, and you will start to resent your business. It is vital to believe in your brand and have the courage to stand up for it, even when faced with customer challenges.

It may Result in Poor Reviews

Customers may leave a bad review about your products, even those who have not used them if they think it is not what they are looking for. If customers are always right, it dissuades others from trying brands that may be good for them.


In conclusion, Bryce Cleveland does not believe that customers are always right. He thinks that entrepreneurs should have the courage to stand up for their brands, even when faced with challenges from customers.